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Bijeenkomst: 175
Title Sessie Product type Author
Perspectives of predicting grass growth by modelling and measuring grass yield Powerpoint Idse Hoving
Bijeenkomst: 167-1-EGF2015
Title Sessie Product type Author
Overview of scientific content EGF 2015 Opening Programme NVWV
Grassland and forages in high output dairy farming systems in Flanders and the Netherlands 1 Paper Van den Pol-van Dasselaar A., Aarts H.F.M., De Caesteker E., De Vliegher A., Elgersma A., Reheul D., Reijneveld J.A., Vaes R. and Verloop J.
Fifty years of forage supply on dairy farms in the Netherlands Van Dijk H., Schukking S. and Van der Berg R. 1 Paper Van Dijk H., Schukking S. and Van der Berg R.
Portuguese dairy farming systems 1 Paper Trindade H.
High output farming systems in Europe: the French case 1 Paper Brocard V., Belot P.-E., Foray S., Perrot C. and Rouillé B.
Dairy farming systems and development paths in Slovenia 1 Paper Klopčič M. and Kuipers A.
Dairy production systems in Finland 1 Paper Virkajärvi P., Rinne M., Mononen J., Niskanen O., Järvenranta K. and Sairanen A.
Forage production and use in the dairy farming systems of Northern Italy 1 Paper Mantovi P., Dal Prà A., Pacchioli M.T. and Ligabue M.
The effect of decreased N and P applications on herbage quality in the Netherlands 1 Paper Abbink G.W., Reijneveld J.A. and Linders P.B.J.
The effects on performance of out-wintering replacement heifers in a high-output dairy system 1 Paper Atkins N.A., Bleach E.C.L. and Sinclair L.A.
Development of a validity test for survey data on milk-from-grass from German dairy farms 1 Paper Becker T.H., Blume L., Kayser M. and Isselstein J.
The effect of pasture allowance offered for different time durations on the dry matter intake of dairy cows 1 Paper Cummins S., Lewis E., Pierce K.M. and Kennedy E.
Models for predicting effects of management factors on per-cow and per-hectare pasture intake by grazing dairy cows 1 Paper Delagarde R., Delaby L., Peyraud J.L. and Faverdin P.
Herbage and milk production from a grass-only sward and grass-white clover swards in an intensive grass-based system 1 Paper Egan M.J., Lynch M.B. and Hennessy D.
Developing mixed farming systems at regional level: examples from intensive dairy farming 1 Paper Hanegraaf M.C., Vertès F., Corson M.S., Den Boer D.J., Moraine M. and Korevaar H.
Comparison of feeding time in barn and pasture under a given grass allowance in a system with robotic milking and strip grazing by using collected sensor data 1 Paper Ipema A.H., Holshof G. and De Mol R.M.
Milk production in relation to farm organization 1 Paper Jankowski K., Skrzyczyńska J., Wiśniewska-Kadżajan B., Sosnowski J., Malinowska E. and Kolczarek R.
Current state of the feeding systems on dairy farms in the Principality of Asturias (Spain) 1 Paper Jiménez-Calderón J.D., Santiago C., Martínez-Fernández A. and Vicente F.
The behaviour and production of dairy cattle when offered green pasture or exercise pen 1 Paper Jørgensen G.H.M., Eilertsen S.M., Hansen I. and Aanensen L.
Duration is important in the effect of pasture allowance restriction on subsequent milk production, in early lactation 1 Paper Kennedy E., Delaby L., Horan B., Roche J. and Lewis E.
Achieving high milk production performance at grass with minimal concentrate supplementation with spring-calving dairy cows: actual performance compared to simulated performance 1 Paper O’Donovan M., Ruelle E., Coughlan F. and Delaby L.
Synthesis of systems of European grassland typologies at plot, farm and region levels 1 Paper Peeters A.
Using models to establish the most financially optimum expansion strategy for Irish dairy farms 1 Paper Ruelle E., Delaby L., Wallace M. and Shalloo L.
The amount of maize in the feed ration influences milk composition in Northern Spain 1 Paper Santiago C., Jiménez-Calderón J.D., González A., Vicente F. and Martínez-Fernández A.
Production pasture versus exercise and recreation pasture for cows in automatic milking systems 1 Paper Spörndly E., Andersson S., Pavard N., Le Goc S.
Effect of indoor silage feeding on pasture time in a batch-milked automatic milking rotary system 1 Paper Spörndly E. and Andersson Å.
Production and cow-traffic management during the pasture season in large herds with automatic milking 1 Paper Spörndly E. and Karlsson M.
Application of grass and cow sensor data to support grazing management in high output systems 1 Paper Zom R.L.G., Holshof G., Ipema A.H. and De Mol R.M.
Production potential of grassland and fodder crops in high-output systems in the Low Countries in north western Europe and how to deal with limiting factors 2 Paper Reheul D., Cougnon M., De Cauwer B., Swanckaert J., Pannecoucque J., D’Hose T., Van den Nest T., De Caesteker E., Vaes R., Peeters A., Baert J. and De Vliegher A.
Possibilities and constraints for grazing in high output dairy systems 2 Paper Hennessy D., Delaby L., Van den Pol-van Dasselaar A. and Shalloo L.
Intercropping maize and Caucasian clover to reduce environmental impact of maize silage production 2 Paper Albrecht K.A., Ochsner T.E., Schwab A.R. and Jokela W.E.
Use of the Lifecorder+® sensor to assess grazing time of dairy cows 2 Paper Allain C., Raynal J., Beck C., Delagarde R. and Brocard V.
Yield and nutritive value of binary legume-grass mixtures under grazing 2 Paper Bélanger G., Tremblay G.F., Dos Passos Bernardes A., Papadopoulos Y., Fillmore S., Lajeunesse J. and Duynisveld J.
Farm-level phytodiversity of dairy farms is related to within-farm diversity of grassland management types 2 Paper Breitsameter L. and Isselstein J.
Improved potassium fertiliser recommendation for grasslands in the Netherlands 2 Paper Bussink D.W., Van Middelkoop J.C., Holshof G. and Van der Draai H.
How much milk is produced from pasture? Comparison of two calculation methods 2 Paper Cleven M., Verhoeven A., Pries M., Berendonk C. and Wrage-Mönnig N.
Exploitable yield potential of grasslands in the Netherlands 2 Paper Cornelissen J.M.R., De Haan M.H.A., Hin C.J.A., Zijerveld E.J.M. and Philipsen A.P.
Undersown tall fescue as a cover crop after forage maize in 2014 2 Paper Cougnon M., George T. and Reheul D.
Yield comparison of Italian ryegrass and winter rye sown as cover crops after forage maize 2 Paper Cougnon M., Vandermoere S., De Vliegher A. and Reheul D.
Can lactobacilli producing ferulate esterase improve the nutritive value of grass and maize silage? 2 Paper De Boever J.L., Dupon E., De Vliegher A., De Campeneere S. and Latré J.
Grass-clover under cutting conditions: a highly productive system of intensive, high quality forage production 2 Paper De Vliegher A. and D’Hose T.
Type of grass influences clover proportion and production of grass-clover leys 2 Paper De Wit J., Rietberg P. and Van Eekeren N.
Pastur’Plan: a dynamic tool to support grazing management decision making in a rotational grazing system 2 Paper Delaby L., Duboc G., Cloet E. and Martinot Y.
Accuracy of the FeedPhone device for recording eating and rumination times in dairy cows 2 Paper Delagarde R. and Lemonnier J.P.
Phosphorus concentration and export by silage maize and cut grassland under temperate climate 2 Paper D’Haene K., De Vliegher A. and Hofman G.
Competitive forbs in high-producing temporary grasslands with perennial ryegrass and red clover can increase plant diversity and herbage yield 2 Paper Dhamala N.R., Søegaard K. and Eriksen J.
Changes in vitamin and fatty acid contents in grass-red clover herbage after cutting 2 Paper Elgersma A., Søegaard K. and Jensen S.K.
Effect of different doses of an amendment and an organo-mineral fertiliser on the production of forage maize 2 Paper Ferreiro-Domínguez N., Rigueiro-Rodríguez A. and Mosquera-Losada M.R.
Effects of forage species and sward-lifting on compacted soil 2 Paper Fychan R., Crotty F.V., Scullion J., Sanderson R. and Marley C.L.