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Bijeenkomst: 167-1-EGF2015
Naam documentaflopend sorteren Sessie Producttype Auteur
Botanical composition of clover-grass silages affects milk yield in dairy cows 2 Paper Røjen B.A. and Kristensen N.B.
Calibration of an automated grass height measurement tool equipped with global positioning system to enhance the precision of grass measurement in pasture-based farming systems 2 Paper McSweeney D., Foley C., Halton P. and O’Brien B.
Calibration of five rising plate meters in the Netherlands 2 Paper Holshof G., Stienezen M.W.J. and Galama P.G.
Can lactobacilli producing ferulate esterase improve the nutritive value of grass and maize silage? 2 Paper De Boever J.L., Dupon E., De Vliegher A., De Campeneere S. and Latré J.
Capacity of the soil to decompose organic matter in old and young grasslands 3 Paper Iepema G.L., Domhof B. and Van Eekeren N.
Changes in land use resulting from diet modifications related to increasing milk yields 3 Paper Wolf P., Prochnow A. and Berg W.
Changes in vitamin and fatty acid contents in grass-red clover herbage after cutting 2 Paper Elgersma A., Søegaard K. and Jensen S.K.
Comparing the in vivo dry matter digestibility of perennial ryegrass in sheep and dairy cows 3 Paper Garry B., Kennedy E., Baumont R., Boland T.M., Wright M.M., O’Donovan M. and Lewis E.
Comparison of feeding time in barn and pasture under a given grass allowance in a system with robotic milking and strip grazing by using collected sensor data 1 Paper Ipema A.H., Holshof G. and De Mol R.M.
Competitive forbs in high-producing temporary grasslands with perennial ryegrass and red clover can increase plant diversity and herbage yield 2 Paper Dhamala N.R., Søegaard K. and Eriksen J.
Concentrate supplementation and milking frequency in automated milking with grazing 3 Paper Foley C., Shortall J. and O’Brien B.
Concentrations of micro-nutrients in forage legumes and grasses harvested at different sites 3 Paper Gustavsson A-M. and Nadeau E.
Controlling docks (Rumex obtusifolius L.) using herbicides applied to seedling or established grassland 2 Paper O’Donovan T., Casey I.A. and Humphreys J.
Current state of the feeding systems on dairy farms in the Principality of Asturias (Spain) 1 Paper Jiménez-Calderón J.D., Santiago C., Martínez-Fernández A. and Vicente F.
Dairy farming systems and development paths in Slovenia 1 Paper Klopčič M. and Kuipers A.
Dairy production systems in Finland 1 Paper Virkajärvi P., Rinne M., Mononen J., Niskanen O., Järvenranta K. and Sairanen A.
Detection of genetic diversity for drought tolerance in perennial ryegrass (Lolium perenne L.) 2 Paper Westermeier P., Wosnitza A., Willner E., Feuerstein U., Luesink W., Schulze S., Schum A. and Hartmann S.
Developing a predictive model for grass growth in grass-based milk production systems 2 Paper Paillette C.A., Delaby L., Shalloo L., O’Connor D. and Hennessy D.
Developing mixed farming systems at regional level: examples from intensive dairy farming 1 Paper Hanegraaf M.C., Vertès F., Corson M.S., Den Boer D.J., Moraine M. and Korevaar H.
Development of a validity test for survey data on milk-from-grass from German dairy farms 1 Paper Becker T.H., Blume L., Kayser M. and Isselstein J.
Different harvesting strategies and cultivar mixtures for grass silage production in Finland 2 Paper Hyrkäs M., Sairanen A., Kykkänen S., Virkajärvi P. and Isolahti M.
Differentiation of cultivars within pasture grasses with regard to leaf tensile strength 2 Paper Goliński P. and Golińska B.
Diversity on intensive dairy farms in Flanders Video
Duration is important in the effect of pasture allowance restriction on subsequent milk production, in early lactation 1 Paper Kennedy E., Delaby L., Horan B., Roche J. and Lewis E.
Eco-efficiency of grass-based dairy systems in Switzerland 3 Paper Alig M., Sutter M. and Nemecek T.
Eco-efficient pasture based dairy farm systems: a comparison of New Zealand, The Netherlands and Ireland 3 Paper Pinxterhuis J.B., Beare M.H., Edwards G.R., Collins R.P., Dillon P. and Oenema J.
Economic and environmental viability of regionally growing feed concentrate replacers 3 Paper Hack-ten Broeke M.J.D., Cormont A., Roelsma J., Galama P. and Van Walsum P.E.V.
Economic impact of grazing dairy cows on farms equipped with an automatic milking system 3 Paper Oudshoorn F.W., Brocard V. and Van den Pol-van Dasselaar A.
Effect of chloride fertilisation on dietary cation-anion difference forage species 2 Paper Nesheim L., Synnes O.M. and Langerud A.
Effect of cutting frequency of four red clover cultivars on forage yield and persistence 2 Paper Hejduk S.
Effect of different doses of an amendment and an organo-mineral fertiliser on the production of forage maize 2 Paper Ferreiro-Domínguez N., Rigueiro-Rodríguez A. and Mosquera-Losada M.R.
Effect of feeding system on cow milk fatty acids composition in a panel of Galician dairy farms 2 Paper Resch-Zafra C., Pereira-Crespo S., Flores-Calvete G., Dagnac T., Gónzalez L., Agruña M.J., Fernández-Lorenzo B. and Veiga M.
Effect of harrowing and watering on disappearance of dung pats in pastures 3 Paper Verwer C., Lenssinck F., Van Schooten H., Philipsen A.P. and Van Eekeren N.
Effect of indoor silage feeding on pasture time in a batch-milked automatic milking rotary system 1 Paper Spörndly E. and Andersson Å.
Effect of organic fertilization of maize forage on greenhouse gas emissions by dairy cows 3 Paper Velarde-Guillén J., Jiménez-Calderón J.D., Martínez-Fernández A. and Vicente F.
Effect of sulphur fertilization on the rate of photosynthesis and yield of Lolium × boucheanum Kunth cultivated in monoculture and mixture with Trifolium repens L. 3 Paper Grygierzec B., Szewczyk W. and Musiał K.
Effects of forage species and sward-lifting on compacted soil 2 Paper Fychan R., Crotty F.V., Scullion J., Sanderson R. and Marley C.L.
EGF 2015 in Nederland! Nieuwsbericht (web)
EGF2015 Proceedings Proceedings Edited by A. van den Pol-van Dasselaar, H.F.M. Aarts, A. De Vliegher, A. Elgersma, D. Reheul, J.A. Reijneveld, J. Verloop, A. Hopkins
Element concentrations in forage plants grown on power station ash deposit 3 Paper Simić A., Dželetović Ž., Vučković S., Geren H. and Mandić V.
Establishing trampling-resistant mixed swards: a comparison of four seed mixtures 2 Paper Nilsdotter-Linde N., Salomon E., Adolfsson N. and Spörndly E.
Estimation of methane emissions by dairy cows feeding on diets based on Italian ryegrass or legume silages in two grazing seasons 3 Paper Dachraoui M., Jiménez-Calderón J.D., Martínez-Fernández A. and Vicente F.
Bijeenkomst: 170
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Bouwstenen beweiding Presentatie Bert Philipsen
Bijeenkomst: 168
Naam documentaflopend sorteren Sessie Producttype Auteur
De Raesfeltstede – Melkveebedrijf Keuper Presentatie Tom Keuper
Bijeenkomst: 173
Naam documentaflopend sorteren Sessie Producttype Auteur
De rol van grasland in een toekomst met minder herkauwers Presentatie Mathias Cougnon
Bijeenkomst: 175
Naam documentaflopend sorteren Sessie Producttype Auteur
Deriving Sward Height from UAVs Presentatie Georg Bareth
Determination of cutting frequencies from SAR for estimation of crop yields and pollen flight Presentatie Stephan Hartmann & David Stäblein
Bijeenkomst: 171
Naam documentaflopend sorteren Sessie Producttype Auteur
Een blik op het Graslandkompas Presentatie Koos Verloop
Bijeenkomst: 167-2
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Effect landgebruik op bodemkwaliteit in de melkveehouderij, grasland en bouwland Presentatie Nick van Eekeren
Bijeenkomst: 172
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Ervaringen met voederbieten Presentatie Erik Smale